rita wiersma

Rita Wiersma (1965) is a visual artist who grew up in Leeuwarden, the Capital of Friesland, the northern provence of The Netherlands.

Her love of art, nature, music and interest in healing has led her to a creative way of living.

Today she lives in Burum, up in the North East and is happy and proud to be living in this rural area.

Darkness, fresh air, wide horizons, stunning skies, quietude and desolation are some of the most striking elements you (still) will find in this beautiful landscape.

Nature helps connect to our real world and escape potentially stressful distractions from society and can lead to to a sea of inspiration.

Her art is primarily visceral: an emotional reaction to color, sounds and form in the natural world, and expressed through such.
Patterns and flowing landscapes in biological and geological realms from microcosm to macrocosm.
Ethereal depths ore strong lines. A receptive playfull style that has a strong emphasis on aesthetic and the nature of the human psyche.

She truly believes if one listens to their gut instincts, and follows their heart despite seemingly difficult feats, that any dream can be achieved and she remains open to the mystery of where this journey will take her next.

At this moment in time she is in a state of ‘hibernation’, and preparing for the next stage in her creative endeavours, so stay tuned!